Logic Puzzles Submission

Creating puzzles can be lots of fun! We know, as we create so many ourselves for our apps. Just fill out the fields below to suggest a theme you would like to see made into a puzzle.
Simply enter all the different items for each section (i.e. Ferrari, Maserati, McLaren, Aston Martin, Lamborghini) and then hit submit and we will create the puzzle for you. Make sure you include at least one numerical or order based category!

If we end up using your theme as a Daily Challenge puzzle, we will credit you in the app (i.e. Today's Puzzle by Jean, California) and will let you know what day it is the Daily Challenge puzzle so you can tell all your friends.

Suggest New Puzzle Theme

We will only use your e-mail address to confirm receipt of your puzzle and to notify you of whether it will be used in the app.