Advanced “Either Or” Clue Solving Part 1

Following on from our last playing tips post about Either Or clues, here we will go into another aspect of information that can be gained from these type of clues.

In this puzzle example clue 3 states “Of the show taking place on May 14th and the show that he performed to 6000 people . . .”.

Now if you look at the grid you can see that the show on May 14th has already been confirmed as having 7000 people at it. If you add this piece of information into clue 3 it could now read “Of the shows that he performed to 6000 and 7000 people . . .”

This tells you that the information in the second part of the clue (in this case Glasgow and buses) can only be equal to 6000 or 7000. As a result we can fill the following with an X as being false: Glasgow and 5000, Glasgow and 9000, buses and 5000, buses and 8000, buses and 9000.


In the second part of this blog post we will explain another more complicated way of getting information from “Either Or” clues.

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