Patterns That Feed Off A True Answer

You can greatly speed up your solving of logic puzzles if you can “see” the patterns on the grid as they start to form. Everything in a logic grid has to slot together so if there are Xs for particular events horizontally then they will need to follow vertically as well.

For example, in the image below we can see that Baritone and 2nd are true. If we look along the grid both horizontally and vertically, you can see various patterns that will match when there is a true answer linking them. In this example, when we look to the right from the Baritone and 2nd true answer, we see that there are Xs showing that the Baritone was NOT Drew or Taylor. These Xs then need to be added to the grid at the bottom because, of course, if Baritone can’t be Drew or Taylor then it follows that 2nd can’t be Drew or Taylor either.

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Looking at this same example, there are several other cells that can be filled in by looking at the other true answers and seeing what information we know about them. For example, we can see that Alto and 4th are true. If we look down from this we can see that Robin was not 4th, so it naturally follows that we can put an X next to Alto and Robin.

Similarly, we know that Vivaldi and Taylor are true, and looking along that line we can see that Vivaldi is not a Soprano or a Tenor, therefore it follows that Taylor can’t be a Soprano or Tenor either. After you have been solving logic puzzles for a while, you will be able to spot the patterns and the way they link together based on true answers.

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